Friday, June 5, 2009

Some Things are Better Left Unknown

Once we got to Florence today we went out to dinner. At dinner we started out with a few antipasti. We ordered something that we expected to be bread with various spreads. It came with two bruschetta and two "miscellanous". We had no idea what the different spreads were and after tasting one, we were still baffled as to what it was. It was served on warm, toasted bread and was a gray color. The spread was more like a paste and left a fishy aftertaste. After we returned home I was looking at my guide book and found out that it is called Crostini di Fegatini which is a chicken liver spread made with chicken livers, carrot and onion, and mashed anchovies and capers. Being that we don't usually eat liver or anchovies, we were slightly disgusted at what it was made with and decided that we were probably better off not knowing what exactly we had eaten.

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