Sunday, June 21, 2009

Back to Roma

Today we began our journey back to Rome. We walked to the bus station, taking in the last of the city as we walked up the Rambla. From the bus station we took an hour and a half long bus ride to the airport in Girona. From there we boarded our RyanAir plane back to Rome. The plane was late taking off and as we tried to land at the Ciampino Airport we encountered a thunder storm. So we circled the city for over an hour, experiencing some rough turbulence the entire time, upsetting a few stomachs. Finally, after an hour of circling, they decided to land in Rome's other airport- Fiumicino. From there we were able to take a train to Termini and then walk home. Our short plane ride turned into a rough experience for all us and it took much longer than expected but we finally arrived back in Rome. I was happy to return to the cobblestone streets and quaint Italian shops and cafes, a stark contrast from Barcelona.

My time here in Rome is nearing its end. We only have four full days left here before we return back to the States. I am already sad at the thought of leaving this amazing city and anxious as to how much I can cram into the next four days!!

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