Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

For my class, we have to pick an ongoing theme for our blogs. Since Italy is an area of such lavish cuisine, I have chosen food for my theme. So far, I have loved everything I have eaten. And coming from a usually picky eater, that is saying something. In Italy you can get food from a multitude of places like a ristorante, a trattoria, an enoteca, or a birrerie to name a few, all of which are scattered throughout the city. A ristorante is a more elegant place to eat and is therefore more expensive. A trattoria is more of a family-run business and offers excellent home cooking. An enoteca offers snacks, rather than full course meals, and many times include well-stock wine shops. A birrerie is better for an informal, sit-down lunch or dinner. One thing I love about Italian restaurants is the outdoor seating. Most restaurants have their tables outside and you can enjoy your food and the excellent weather, as well as the sights!
*Added information was from Publishing, DK. Rome (Eyewitness Travel Guides). New York: DK Travel, 2003.

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