Sunday, May 17, 2009

Garden of Delights

For my class, I have to choose a place in Rome that I am going to continually explore and write about in my blog. I have chosen Pincio Gardens. It is located on the eastern side of Piazza del Popolo and can be reached by a set of stairs that leads uphill so that it overlooks the Piazza. The gardens were designed by Giuseppe Valadier in the early 19th century. This, now famous garden, has been visited by various iconic people, such as: Gandhi, Mussolini, Richard Strauss, and King Farouk of Egypt. It has become known as one of the many romantic spots in Rome. It is also home to the exquisite restaurant, Casina Valadier.

*Added information was from Publishing, DK. Rome (Eyewitness Travel Guides). New York: DK Travel, 2003.

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  1. Is there an area in the gardens where old men from the neighborhood come to play chess?