Friday, May 22, 2009

Life Can Be Sweet

Italy is famously known for its gelato. Unfortunately, I don't like it, but I did try it. You can get gelato at a cafe, bar, or gelateria and one is found on almost every corner. My roommates and I went to Giolitti, one of the very famous gelaterias in Rome. So famous, it even made my map. We went around lunch time so it was incredibly crowded, packed with workers on their lunch break grabbing a quick espresso or a gelato before heading back to work. While gelato is Italy's ice cream, there a few major differences between gelato and ice cream. For starters, they are made differently. Ice cream is made by mixing cream, milk, and sugar, and then adding air. Gelato does not add air so it is denser than ice cream. Gelato is served at a lower temperature than ice cream, so it melts faster in your mouth, giving you a taste of more flavor, faster. Gelato also has 15-20% less butterfat than ice cream. Gelato comes in a plethora of flavors. Giolitti offers more different flavors of gelato than any place we have gone to thus far. They even put more than one flavor on a cone at a time!

*Added information is from - A Gelato-Inspired Resource. 20 May 2009 .

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